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Build Better Website Experiences

Understand what makes your customers do on your website and why, track their activities and engage them at the right time to nudge them into action.

Website visitor analytics

Measure what matters on your website. See where your users spend more time and how they move between pages leading onto conversion.
With visitor insights, you’ll get to know your audience like never before. Demographics, geographic data, and more will help you tailor your website to cater to your target market effectively.
Create Funnel and Flow views to see how users move between pages leading onto a conversion event.
Export reports as CSV or PDF to perform further exploration on your own. All the data collected belongs to you and can be deleted at any time by you.
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See your website visitor experience

Qualitatively analyze what your customers care about on your website. View how they interact with your website, what they click on and what blocks them from completing a desired action.
Our heatmaps illuminate the most and least-trodden paths on your website, showing you where visitors click, scroll, and linger. This visual representation gives you an instant grasp of user behavior.
Session recordings bring your visitors’ experiences to life. Watch as they navigate your website in real time, revealing valuable insights into their preferences, struggles, and engagement patterns.
Don't want to track on the user level, use our lightweight analytics for even more privacy based tracking.
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Engage your website visitors

Deepbux customer engagement tool helps you drive conversion on your website using visitors engagement notifications widgets.
Create and customize from over 25 notification widgets to increase trust with social proof, create urgency with FOMO widgets, and collect responses and feedback with collection widgets.
Utilize customizable display rules, behaviour settings and goals to ensure users are engaged at the right time on your website.
Track all widget interactions, measure assisted conversions and improve your site conversion rate. Deepbux notification analytics provides insights into where your notifications are having the best and least impact.
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What People Say About Us

Don't take our word for it... Hear from our users!
Deepbux has been a game-changer for Swyfts website! The heatmaps and session recording features gave us incredible insights into how visitors interact with our site. It’s like having a backstage pass to user behavior. Highly recommended!
Clinton Oyelami
CEO, Swyft
After using Deepbux for a couple of months, the results speak for themselves. Thanks to the notification widgets, Fastkoin website’s conversion rate shot up by an impressive 15% and bounce rate reduced by 20%. The heatmaps and session recordings provided insights that led to these changes. Deepbux is a valuable tool for anyone serious about improving their website’s conversion rate.
Ayomide Lasaki
Head of Marketing, Fastkoin
As a marketer, Deepbux has been a goldmine of information. The heatmaps revealed exactly where visitors were dropping off, allowing me to optimize those areas. This platform has truly helped me boost Grip's website’s performance.
Kadijat Okeowo
Head of Growth, Grip
Deepbux is a must-have for website owners. It provides valuable data through heatmaps, session recordings, and visitor insights. The engagement widgets help improve user interaction. It’s a straightforward platform that helps make data-driven decisions for website optimization.
Olamide Adurota
Head of Growth, Risevest
I can’t imagine managing Fasset website without Deepbux. The visitor insights helped me understand our audience better, and the engagement widgets are a great way to connect with website visitors to nudget them to take click our CTA's.
Rufus Giwa
Head of Marketing, Fasset
Deepbux is where Creative decisions meets data-driven practicality. The session recording feature feels like stepping into our users’ shoes. It’s helped me solve UX puzzles I didn’t even know existed. If you’re serious about turning visitors into fans, this is the platform to have.
Oladapo Olagoke
Product Manager, Kreatesell

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that have propped up a number of times from our customers.

What is DeepBux?

Deepbux is a website visitor analytics and engagement tool. Deepbux aims to help website owners increase their website conversion rate by helping them track, analyze and engage with their website visitors.

Can DeepBux help me increase my revenue?

Increasing your website conversion rate by 1% can double your website revenue. Deepbux aims to help increase your website conversion rate so you can increase your revenue without increasing your cost.

How does DeepBux work?

Deepbux uses a simple website pixel to track , analyze and share notification widgets with your website visitors. With Deepbux, you can track visitor sessions, create heatmaps, record visitor sessions to see what they do on your website and finally engage with your website visitors actively using our notification widgets.

Is DeepBux easy to use?

Deepbux is easy to use, with an intuitive user interface anyone can use Deepbux no matter their experience level with analytics.

What are the available pricing plans

Deepbux has 3 major plans, Starter plan at $29 per month, Growth Plan at $$69 per month and finally an Ultimate plan at $99 per month.

Is there a free trial for Deepbux?

Instead of a default free trial plan, we offer a Completely Free forever plan for all our users. However, if you intend to get more features before committing to a plan, reach out to us and we will set you up with a 30-day Free trial.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Card Payment methods authenticated and processed via Stripe.

Is my payment secure and safe?

Payment on Deepbux are Safe and Secure. All Payments are authenticated and Verified by Stripe.

I want a customized plan, who can I speak with?

To get a customized plan, contact us at with Subject line: Custom Plan Request.

Where can I book a demo of Deepbux?

To book a demo of Deepbux, contact us at with Subject line: Deepbux Demo Request

Can I resell Deepbux features as an agency?

No you cannot resell Deepbux features as an Agency. You can however onboard your agency clients to Deepbux as team members. If you need more website capacity, reach out to us at to get a customized plan for your agency.

What are the types of businesses that use Deepbux?

Deepbux is suitable for any business with a website and has a desired action or goal to optimize for. We typically find ourself popular amount E-commerce websites, Blogs, SAAS websites, travel websites and financial services websites.